Jumat, 01 April 2011

Stay in Obscurity

Once stop caring
Never expect love keeps on growing well
It will be worse like in the hell
Going to be dead
Lose its chemistry and soul
Cold, weak and so pale
Wondering, how can it be so frail?
Thinking many times, seeking the reason behind
You copied paste any quote from certain site
I never mind with it actually
If you used only for enriching your insight
But then I found you made it as reference
Implementing in real life
Dislike and disagree totally
With the quote you told as great saying
It says, Love is like trees
Only demanding attention
and caring in the beginning
Once it blossoms
Will provide shade in all seasons
How can you apply it in real?
That's why you only take care of me
in the beginning?
After knowing well love growing up
In my heart....
You never maintaining it
Even get started to ignore
You always did stupid things
Simplifying anything
Well, just look within
What's up with our relation
It being so frail
I can't do anything if so
Stay silent is much better
Coz you never understand my words
Facing your strong heart
I really dislike confusing situation
Need to decide, stay in love or breakup
Let it be in obscurity just like a torment
Be honest, I wanna we strive hard to revive our love
No matter how hard we must do
You still remember when you said how difficult
to conquer and capture my heart
If reminding this, hopefully you will do the same thing
Never let our love being ruined
We glorified it as sincere and pure one
One of the most precious wealth we ever got
Do not let it fading away
Getting crushed in vain...
Disappear without valuable meaning
It can be so painful and hurtful
We got horrible destiny
and deep regret for lifetime
If losing the most amazing thing we had
Do not being too late to save that
Never let it being ruined
If it's happened, making real disaster
We can suffer, so terrible
Get in the darkness without light of our love
I never imagining all
Just awakening our consciousness
Do not delay our decision...
To revive soon our collapse love
Preventing is better before it happens
But sustaining love needed from both sides
If you have nothing to do
Just awaiting a few moment
It will come to an end?
And let us see what happen

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/6111476

Rabu, 03 Februari 2010

Everlasting LOVE

As we grow together, as we continue to change with the age. There's one thing will never change. I will always keep falling in Love with you (Karen Clodfelder).

We ever heard many stories about true loves that last for lifetime, like Romeo and Juliet, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella etc. The stories of true love in movies and playwright sometimes effect in real life for many women, lead them to have high hopes in love, considering themselves as if they're a princess that one day meeting a prince, falling in love each other, getting married and finally living happily for ever after. That all happened in Fantasy, but in real life we also could find many married couples who can maintain their loving relationship and sustain their marriage for ever after.
I have ever met a married couples, who has passed successfully a lot of handicaps and challenges in their marriage. They are too old, in the age more than 70, they have been bonded in marriage for more than 50 years but they can keep in love. The old man shows his big love by calling his spouse with very nice name, as like honey, baby, sweety. The old woman did the same thing, calling her husband tenderly. They show to the World that their love will never change...
True loves always need to be provided with the proof, and that is why in this matter action is more valuable than words. Everyone could easily say that he or she loves someone, but he/she must prove in the real action. When our spouse getting older, it is natural that he or she is not attractive anymore, we often compare to others. Comparing our spouse with others, is not wise and it shows that our love is just limited in physically performance...
Everlasting love is very meaningful love that lasts a lifetime, where both couple could maintain their love for so many years. They could not be separated each other, because they have been bonded by very powerful love. Even if her or his spouse getting older, and being no more attractive person, but in his or her eyes, the spouse is still nice. He or she keeps always in love with him/her. Do not mind with the change physically, their loves grow well in the heart, they ignore with the age that probably for anyone else could kill the love.
A little bit of time they passed in dispute or disagreement, finally they realize how precious they living happily with the glory of love. They have found the substance of love and eventually they could not live apart till the end of time, till the World could not go round anymore. The true love would really be so amazing!

Kamis, 07 Januari 2010

Children and The Mall

In big cities, many people, specially the teens and children love going to Mall or shopping center. The Mall is most visited place to hang out because of its convenience, they spend a lot of times to go shopping, sightseeing, meet friends and connecting with new ones. For the parents, in holidays or weekends, the Mall is also the favorite area to hang out with their children. Bringing the kids to Mall might be an optional relaxation for them. After shopping, they could have lunch with family or just walking around.
If we pose question to the kids, why they love going to Mall, never been surprised if they directly answer." Yea..I could get nice burger and ice cream in Mc Donalds! Mom always buy that for me..". The kids are so familiar with instant meal, all kinds of fast food available in Mall, those from Mc Donalds, KFC, or another else.
The teens and children are certainly safe going to Mall while they are accompanied by the parents or by an adult. It will be so dangerous and risky if the the children going to Mall by themselves without adult's supervision. Unidentified guys could immediately come across them for offering anything suspicious as like drugs. It might be aware for the parents to supervise their children. Considering and thinking many times before letting your children go to Mall without adult's supervision.
Mall could be a very fun and comfortable place to hang out, but paradoxically, it could be dangerous area. Make sure you child to avoid anyone they do not know and stay with their friends at all times and call if anything suspicious or scary happens. Please monitor your children well, they may be upset with you now, but one day they will understand why you were protective of them. (Source:www.wiki.answer.com).
We all know that basically the teens have tendency to be fragile in personality, they could be easily to be influenced by external factors. They get into high curiosity, wanting very much to try something new or doing something else that they did not do before. Bad Guys often sacrifice them as the object of their criminal operations, commerce in drugs, children trafficking or children sexual abuse. Loving and taking care of the children are the parents' responsibilities.

Senin, 21 Desember 2009

E-Learning, E-Earning

People earn money for several reasons, most of them certainly get income for their living cost. I do not agree with the opinion that money can buy happiness. But I do admit that without money, it is hard to get a better life. Money is necessity and we try to earn money as much as possible.
As usual people working up in a certain place like office, but the Internet let us to have another option of the way to get extra money. The life has been changing, and now we can start getting money from home. E-Learning, we can be easily accessible the process of learning from websites. Searching lots of websites in which we can discover everything and getting many benefits; finding out best references for new topics of our writing.
I was rather skeptical whenever a friend of mine told me how he could get money from on line writing. But now I have seen the proof, and without hesitation I try to follow his excellent suggestion.
The Internet has opened up tremendous opportunities for writers to earn a good income from home. The best part of earning money through on line writing is the convenience and "no pressure" factor. Writers get a chance to earn money at their convenience and without any pressure of 'deadlines'. (Source: Ezinearticles.com).
We know previously many writers of magazines and newspapers got depressed because of the pressure of deadlines, or another from the Boss. Keep on writing from home, we could be more productive but the first obstacle, we must fight against laziness. Motivate ourselves by scheduling our work and we need to make well time management.
It is noted that writers should select carefully the topics of writing. The sensitive issues such as criticism about any beliefs of religion must be evitable. Many interesting topics are available, like parenting, environments, education, and much more. We can create our home being our interesting "office", and keep on writing regularly in convenience make our activity more desirable. This could be profitable and without pressure, bring us more relaxed. The relaxed atmosphere of working lead us to be creative, productive and more knowledgeable. E-Learning become E-Earning, this option will open our viewpoint.

Jumat, 11 Desember 2009

Positive Hobby that Could Heal Myself

In the previous article, I talked about my bad habit, so easily getting high-tempered whenever I did not have any positive activities. Finally I could overcome trouble in my psychological case by doing enjoyable thing, writing articles in my blog. Blogging, is a very desirable and interesting for me to do. It could heal myself, I threw away something stupid and bad behavior.
May be someone else or other people also have some positive hobbies, these could empower ourselves to be better human being. There's a such of wise words, the right mindsets could bring us as right people. For creating right mindsets, we should set up our open-mindedness by e-Learning. E-Learning, as we know is a need for all of us. This is people learning process using cyber-space in which we need computer and internet link accessing.
The most visited web being my favorite is certainly Google. By Googling, I mean browsing from this site, I could easily search and find out various sites. I am so excited doing that and so wondered, without feeling tired I could spend a lot of times in front of my laptop. I fulfill my daily routine with something good and it makes my life more meaningful than before. I never let myself waste time with something useless, no doubt about it. No more cruel and careless words that could harm another. Thanks God I could heal myself, with a very simple thing to do and it is not necessary going to psycholog. Other people could do the same thing as I have done.